Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy for Technology Hardware Startup

This is an example of a digital marketing strategy for a technology hardware startup.

Based on the limited amount of information that I was able to gather from your websites and social media profiles I have deduced that your target demographic is small to medium sized independent farmers.

I’m going to show you a snapshot of what I would want to implement to target your potential customers. This is just a basic overview or roadmap, if you will, not an in-depth analysis or plan.

Our Primary Goal Should be Customer Acquisition.

With this type of a product I don’t think that we can expect to see an immediate click to conversion. It may happen sometimes on some ad channels but I would imagine that it is the exception not the rule. It’s great that you have an ecommerce channel set up and I do think that we can drive traffic and conversions through the commerce platform, but I think that the potential customer will need some nurturing before they click buy.

The Number One Source of Immediate Conversions is Going to Be Google Adwords.

Adwords can really suck if it’s implemented wrong. But there is something to be said about showing an ad for a product to someone who is looking for that exact product, precisely when they are looking for it.

I took the liberty and used the keyword tool to look up some of the most commonly searched keywords for farming automation. I narrowed my targeting to the US only.

As you can see, some of those keywords are completely unrelated and would be a total waste of adspend (like “Autopilot”) if we targeted them. Other’s are extremely relevant, such as “Tractor GPS Systems for Sale”

Below is a screenshot of what I found.

To be successful with Adwords you really need to know what you are doing.

We have to target keywords with a high intent (think: office space for rent rather than office space).

We need to be using single exact match keywords and multiple negative keywords for each adgroup.

We must have a specific landing page optimized for each individual keyword.

nd – We also have to have ads that are going to optimize our click through rate that help weed out people with low intent or people that don’t match what we are selling.