Digital Marketing Agency Phoenix

We are a local digital marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona.

Well, technically we’re located in Mesa, AZ but that’s close enough.

The way that we help small to medium sized businesses in Arizona is by providing an all-in-one digital marketing and advertising solution that drives real customers into their physical locations throughout the valley.

That sounds pretty good right?

Pretty much all businesses struggle with marketing and advertising. But that’s totally normal, after all, you’re not in the business of advertising!

You are an expert

at providing your customers with a great product and service but, let’s be honest, marketing probably isn’t your fortè.

Chances are that you have worked with some type of digital marketing agency here in Phoenix and chances are that you also had a bad experience with them.

Does that sound familiar?

So – Why exactly were you unhappy with the last digital marketing agency (or advertising company) that you worked with?

Here are Some Guesses:
  1. They promised the moon and didn’t deliver.
  2. They cost a fortune and the results didn’t pay for themselves.
  3. After the initial sale they changed from friendly and helpful to distant and full of excuses.

Unfortunately this is common practice, not only for digital marketing agencies in Phoenix, but thought the world.

How is our company different than all the other digital marketing agencies in Phoenix?

First off, we weren’t founded by some “marketing guru” or an ivy league MBA with no real world experience.

Our digital marketing agency was founded by a real-deal small business owner like you. He was tired of constantly getting scammed by marketing “experts”, ad companies, and publishers.

Justin, our founder set out and learned how to run successful marketing campaigns that didn’t lose money.

Yeah, you read that right, Successful Marketing Campaigns that Didn’t Lose Money.

So, what’s the trick?

No tricks here. It’s actually pretty darn simple what we do.

Our digital marketing company strategy

We take create custom “funnels” that target your customer demographic across the internet using ads that reward the customer for interacting with your business.

Simply Put,

We show:

The Right Ad

To the Right Person

At The Right Time

No more throwing shit at the wall just to see what sticks!

Old-school traditional advertising just doesn’t work anymore. Times and technologies have changed and the strategies that you use to get customers into your doors must change too.

Give us a call so that we discuss how your business can succeed in the digital age. P.S. You Can Text Us Too!

When you choose JCan & Co as your digital marketing agency in Phoenix you are choosing to support a small local business, just like your own!