Digital Marketing Service for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Companies is an Absolute Must if You Want to Compete in Today’s Ultra-Competitive Market

This is probably my favorite industry to work in as a digital marketing consultant. That’s because there is not (at least as far as I’m aware of) a better industry for seeing an excellent ROI. When it comes to creating and running digital marketing for real estate companies I can guarantee you that you will see a positive ROAS (return on ad spend).

If you are a real estate Broker or a Realtor you probably know how much some of the larger companies charge for leads. Zillow and charge a fortune for their leads, half of which are no good!

Maybe you have tried to run some online marketing in–house for your real estate company and found out that it’s really hard to get it just right. But – that’s totally ok – let’s be honest, you’re an expert at being a Broker or Agent, not at running digital marketing campaigns.

You know what though, I am an expert at running digital marketing for real estate companies. I have proven success with results that Zillow and Realtor just can’t match! I have got buyer leads for my real estate clients for as low as $0.72 per lead!! Yes you read that right! I’ve had real estate digital marketing clients that I have brought in seller leads for with a cost per converted lead of as as low as $18.62. Let me reiterate, that is what a client paid for a lead that converted into a seller and brought a commission of nearly $25,000 in for the brokerage.