Digital Marketing Strategy for Local Service Businesses

Digital Marketing for Local Service Industry Businesses Can be Challenging but Successful with the Right Strategy.

This is an industry with which I am intimately familiar. I founded and operated a local service business that I was able to grow from the ground up using digital marketing strategies.

Back in 2013 I started a local carpet cleaning company in the Phoenix area. We started with one truck and one employee and grew to a mid-size competitor with 4 trucks running 24 hours a day servicing both commercial and residential clients.

Because of my background in digital marketing I was fairly confident that I would be able to acquire customers immediacy to get the company off the ground. My assumption was correct.

Initially I started out running organic social media campaigns and SEM (search engine marketing) to acquire customers. This digital marketing strategy allowed me to start off with a bang! I was able to drive enough traffic and convert enough leads to fill the schedule for my one van almost immediately.

But, I knew that if I truly wanted to grow the company to the size where it could be an asset that I could sell I would have to expand my local service industry digital marketing strategy.

SEO has been a part of my repertoire for over a decade now and I knew that I needed to get started on building an SEO optimized site right away. I did a bunch of keyword research to find out what keywords I would be able to rank for the fastest and then built out pages for them. Over time I was able to get my site to outrank nationwide competitors for several long tail and short keywords. This was not an overnight process but by the time I sold the company a few years later we were getting organic traffic – and conversions every single day, both for residential and commercial customers.