Email Marketing Service

Email Marking Should be an Integral Part of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Everyone hates spam! You should never ever in a million years send out spam emails! They are completely ineffective, a waste of time and money, and will probably hurt your business.

On the other hand, sending out informative, relevant content via email to people who have opted into your marketing funnel is a great strategy for increasing conversions, building up brand recognition, and getting referrals.

There is a fine line between sending the right amount of emails and sending too many. You don’t want your emails to be so often and so consistent that your customers start ignoring them.

t’s important to continually test subject lines, email body content and P.S. lines. Not all emails should necessarily be a call to action. There is something to be said for sending a friendly, human like greeting, thank your or holiday message. But that’s not enough, you must also send out compelling offers with great call to actions and useful information that the reader will enjoy or learn something from.