Google Ads Marketing Agency

I’m an Expert Google Ads Consultant and I’m Telling You Right Now – Google Should Be Your Goto!

Google is the grand-daddy of digital marketing channels. When you’re choosing how to allocate your online marketing budget, look at Google first.

There are basically three aspects to Google Ads.


Adwords is the best place to spend your digital marketing dollars if you have an expensive product that people are actively searching for. There is nothing better than putting exactly what someone is looking for right in front of them when they are ready to make a purchase. This is what you can do with Google Adwords (search engine marketing).

Google Display Network

Google Display Network is how you can show targeted display ads on a variety of publishers to your potential customers. You can also use GDN to retarget people who have visited your site before. This is a great tool to help build your brand and also to help push potential customers along the pathway and down your sales funnel.

Video Ads

Video is hot right now! Nothing will help convert your customers better than video. I encourage all of my clients to invest heavily in video. If you want to show ads on Youtube this is the channel that you can do it from. There are several different types of video ads out there and they are all accessible from the Google Ads Dashboard.