Save Your Restaurant

I’m not gonna lie, things are pretty crazy right now!

Pretty much every business owner -in the entire world- is freaking out.

They are wondering:

How will I pay my rent?

How will I pay my employees?

How will I pay my suppliers?

But Most of All

They are wondering how they’re gonna keep their business open.

I don’t have the answer for most businesses, but I do have the answer for many restaurant owners and managers.

Right now you have a loyal base of customers that used to come into your restaurant all the time to sit down and enjoy your delicious food.

But now they can’t!

They probably still like your food though, right?

Now is the time to encourage them order their food for curbside pickup, delivery, or drive-thru service.

As a restaurant, the actual cooking and running the food is pretty easy..

But, you’re probably wondering how to get the word out to your customers.

No Problem.

I can help.

My name is Justin, I’m the founder of JCan & Co.

Listen, what’s going on right now affects all of us.

Just like you, I’m a small business owner that’s worried about the future of my business.

All day I have been thinking about how my business can survive this crisis.

That led me to consider what kinds of business will be able to survive.

… Well the companies that make toilet paper, they’re doing great …

What about real companies though?

You know – small businesses, managed and owned by real people, not giant corporations.

Unfortunately, a lot of those are going to close. A lot of hard working Americans are going to lose their jobs. A lot of business owners who gave up everything to pursue their dreams – they’re gonna lose everything.

Man, this really sucks!

I was thinking, “What can I do to help these small business owners – myself included?”

Well, for one, I can help the businesses that are still open get customers in their door.

(Or, Should I Say, At Their Door)

And – I don’t have to charge a lot.

There are times for making wild profits. This is not one of those times.

This is the time to help fellow business owners survive.

So, Here’s What I Propose.

In 48 hours or less I will have Ads up and running for your restaurant, letting your customers know that you are open and that you are providing free curbside, delivery, or drive-thru services.


I’m not even kidding here.

Seriously just pay me $100 and I’ll get you going.

My average client pays me between $2000-3000 per month.

But I’m going to help out my fellow business owners by offering a basic starter package that costs only $100.

***Obviously at this price I can’t provide the same level of service and quality that my regular full price clients get. But I will get customers calling your restaurant to place togo ordersthat much I can promise.

If You Want to do This, Here’s What You Need:

  1. A website, it doesn’t have to be great but must be up and running.
  2. A business page on Facebook.
    1. *If you don’t have either of these, I’m sorry, I don’t have the time to help you right now. At least, not for only $100.
  3. A list of all your current and past customers. (Not Mandatory).
  4. We need to have a quick (15 minute) phone call to discuss strategy – No ifs, ands, or buts, I won’t run ads for someone I haven’t spoken to.
If you are interested:

    Call (480) 573-8372

    Text (480) 573-8372



    Yes! This webpage is plain, boring and ugly.

    Sorry, I had this idea at 1:30PM and it’s now just past 4PM so go easy on me.

    For a normal ad campaign, I would spend a lot more time crafting a more attractive landing page, but this one gets the job done in a pinch.

    I wanted to get it up and out as quickly so that I could help save as many restaurants as possible.

    If you are interested in a more advanced advertising campaign we are still accepting new clients at our regular prices as well.

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