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Affordable Lead Generation Service for Real Estate Brokers and Teams

Attention Phoenix Area Real Estate Brokers and Team Leaders –

    <p>I know you're busy so I'll be brief.  I'm a digital marketing expert who has a ton of experience running online advertising campaigns for local businesses in the Phoenix market. </p><p>You need leads for your agents and team members and you need those leads to be qualified and low cost. </p><p>I will create content and run all aspects of your digital marketing efforts.  I guarantee you that I can farm more leads for less money that you are paying out to Zillow and</p>     
        <h2>Hire Me as Your Full Time In-House Digital Marketing Director</h2>      
    <p>Here is a short list of all of the things that I will do to help your business grow revenues and profits. </p>      
        <h4>Google Adwords</h4>     
    <p>Google Adwords can be a great tool for finding qualified leads that will convert A.S.A.P. </p><p>On the other hand, if you don't know what you're doing it's easy to lose a ton of money running adwords campaigns that don't convert. </p><p>I've been running adwords for over 7 years - very successfully.  I know the in's and out's of adwords and all of the tricks to optimize your campaign to give you a positive ROI. </p>     
        <h4>FaceBook Ads</h4>       
    <p>Facebook Ads are the second best way to get qualified buyer and seller leads. </p><p>I have perfected Facebook advertising strategies that are proven to get qualified leads at a low cost. </p><p>How does $1.65 per buyer lead sound? Pretty good right? Especially if you've been paying Zillow or Realtor their astronomical lead fees. </p><p>I have produces buyer leads in the past for $1.65 per lead so I know that I can do it again for your firm. </p>     
        <h4>Instagram Ads</h4>      
    <p>So I'm gonna be straight up with you, Instagram is not the best platform for lead generation.  Facebook and Adwords are much better for getting targeted leads with a high intent. </p><p>However, that doesn't mean that you should disregard IG. Its a great social media platform for brand building and top of the funnel data gathering. </p><p>It's a cheap and easy way to get leads that will convert in the next 6-12 months. </p>      
        <h4>Targeted Display Ads</h4>       
    <p>Most brokers and teams today have some familiarity with the three above means of advertising, however, most real estate companies are not running targeted display advertising - and they should be.</p><p>With Google Display Network we can target people looking at homes for sale in the specific areas that your firm services. </p><p>We can show them a slew of different ads designed to engage with the client and get them into your lead funnel. </p><p> </p>      
        <h4>Retargeting Ads</h4>        
    <p>Retargeting ads are a must for any real estate brokerage. It is a vital part of a good lead generation funnel.</p><p>Basically we will be showing ads to people that have already interacted with your company in some way. </p><p>This may mean that they filled out a lead form, visited a website, viewed a video, saw an advertisement, or a slew of other actions. </p><p>Retargeting will help you push prospective clients down your lead gen funnel. </p>     
        <h4>Linkedin Ads</h4>       
    <p>Linkedin ads can be great if you work in the commercial property space. You can easily target people who have specific job titles (decision markers).  This is great to find the right people that are looking for a new building.</p><p>You can also upload custom audiences such as people who have leases ending or building owners for instance. </p><p>Linkedin in can also be used to target people for residential sales as well, specifically people in the higher income brackets. </p>      
        <h4>Search Engine Optimization</h4>     
    <p>Many business owners have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to SEO. </p><p>There are a ton of scammer companies out there offering "SEO" services and they have really tainted the industry. </p><p>The thing about SEO is that it's a long term game.  You need make sure that your site is structured correctly but you also need to be producing excellent content that other websites will want to link out to.  With this in mind you should also be doing link building outreach to publicize this content. </p><p>I have over 10 years of SEO experience and can help you build your organic search marketing efforts.</p>        
        <h4>Organic Facebook Posts</h4>     
    <p>Did you know that if you don't pay Facebook for advertising only about 5% of people who have liked your business page will see your posts?</p><p>I know, crazy right? That doesn't mean that you shouldn't be creating FB posts every single day.  </p><p>For one they are a great way to drive traffic to content that you have created on your website or other platforms. </p><p>They also will help you build your brand as a solid resource reinforcing your expert status to those who we drive to you page with ads.  </p><p>Social Signals are also important to SEO.</p>     
        <h4>Organic Instagram Posts</h4>        
    <p>Your organic instagram posts will get a lot more views from your followers than organic Facebook posts.  </p><p>Real estate is one of the best categories for organic Instagram traffic because people love to look at pics of nice and unique homes. </p><p>You should be making several IG posts each day. </p><p>Both your brokerage (or team) should be creating engaging posts but also it's vital that your individual agents are promoting all of their listings on Insta. </p><p>Short videos also perform really well on IG. </p>      
        <h4>Video Creation & Editing</h4>       
    <p>If you're not using videos in your real estate marketing efforts you're making a huge mistake.</p><p>Videos are an absolute must! They covert better and rank higher on all platforms across the board.</p><p>You should be creating at least one video for every listing that you have, and creating as many videos as possible that promote your brokerage or team. </p><p>I can assist with the planning, recording, and editing of your video content. </p>        
        <h4>Blog Post Creation</h4>     
    <p>This ties into SEO a bit but also is great for social media promotion.  </p><p>It's vital for a real estate firm to constantly be creating and distributing useful content on a regular basis.  </p><p>This will help your long-tail keyword SEO efforts but also drive potential clients to your website and social media channels. </p><p>I have years of SEO optimized written content creation experience.</p>        
        <h4>Lead Funnel Management</h4>     
    <p>You have to, have to, have to, have an awesome lead funnel. </p><p>If you're going to spend any money at all on digital market (this includes Zillow and Realtor) it is vital that you have a lead generation funnel set up to nurture those leads.</p><p>With the technology out there today it is possible to capture a lead (through various channels) and then use automation rules to follow up with that lead via email, text message, voicemail, and even traditional mail services. </p><p>I can help you get all of that set up to make sure that you are converting the highest number of leads possible. </p>      
        <h4>Agent Training</h4>     
    <p>I can do all of the marketing for your team or brokerage but one of my biggest value added services is agent training</p><p>I will personally train all of your agents how to be effective in their digital marketing efforts.  </p><p>It would behoove your agents to have their own digital marketing plans and budgets. I can help them optimize them and make sure that they are not throwing their money away.</p><p>I can guarantee that with my help your agents will get more listings and find more buyers which will equal more money in their pockets which means more money in your pockets. </p><p>This is a big deal for agents that want to join your team. Do you know of any other brokers or teams that office that to their agents? </p>       
        <h4>Agent Recruitment Ads</h4>      
    <p>As a broker or team leader you want to grow your business as much as possible. </p><p>The biggest part of that effort is getting more buyer and seller leads for your agents but adding more agents will also help your company grow.</p><p>I can help you utilize all of the above digital marketing efforts to recruit more agents to your firm. </p><p>We can target existing agents that are likely to have a book of business and also people who are not yet agents but who may be interested in getting licensed. </p>     
        <h4>Targeted Email Marketing</h4>       
    <p>Email marketing can be very fickle. It's an important part of any digital marketing strategy but it can easily backfire on you if it's implemented incorrectly. </p><p>You want to be sending the right emails to the right people at the right times.</p><p>Too many emails and your prospects will unsubscribe from your lists and it could potentially even sow bad will towards your brand. </p><p>They key here is making sure that you are sending useful information to people based on where they are in your lead funnel. </p><p>Did you know that after the subject line the second most read part of any email (or letter for that matter) is the P.S. line? </p><p>I will help you get your email marketing efforts down pat. </p>      
        <h2>So How Does All That Sound? </h2>       
    <p>Are you ready to take control of your digital marketing efforts? </p><p>Or </p><p>Are you ok letting your competitors get a leg up on you? </p><p>You and I both know that the Phoenix market is getting flooded with well-funded huge tech companies (like Open Door and Offerpad) not to mention the fact that Zillow is now buying homes.  These companies want to put you out of business! </p><p>If you want to stay in business and compete with these tech giants the time to act is now. Digital marketing is only going to become more competitive (and therefor more expensive) as time goes on. </p>        
        <h2>Three Ways that You Can Hire Me</h2>        
    <p>#1. I will work for you as a consultant. I charge on a per hour basis for this service. </p>

#2. You can hire me to run your advertising campaigns only. I will set up and manage all of your online advertising campaigns.  For this I charge a base monthly fee plus an additional percent of adspend after a certain threshold. 

#3. THIS IS THE BEST OPTION. You can hire me to work full time in your office.  Under this plan I will work for you and you alone.  I will handle all aspects of your digital marketing efforts. -And – Get This… Because I am so confident in my ability to get you qualified leads I am willing to work for a base salary plus a percentage of closed deals. This works out great for both of us. You will get all of my services at half of my regular rate which will allow you to invest more money into adspend.  I will get a base salary that will meet my basic living expenses but have a whole bunch of motivation to make sure your digital marketing efforts are succeeding. This an awesome symbiotic relationship for both parties. 

        <h2>Ready to Have a Conversation?</h2>      
    <p>Fill out the form below to send me an email and we will set up a time to chat. Or if you would rather you can go ahead and call or text me at (623) 404-0777.  If you call don't be afraid to leave me a voicemail. I promise you I will get back to you. </p>[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]<p>Learn More About Me</p>     
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